Viva (Art in the Parliament)

Always chuffed when invited

To a vernissage

I act as a guide to Mr T

The often gregarious

At times a contemp friend

Interested in a future exhibition

Where he could find a venue

For the artwork of his late Dad.


Klien the velotaxi driver

Is certainly a young man who

Knows his way around Vienna’s

Provisional buildings

Erected for the members of


While the genuine chambers

Are renovated and refurbished.


Mr T is not agreeable with the

Price for the fare

He assesses as being half of

What Klien charges.

Having never small change

I’ll come to his aid handing him

A few coins.

During assembly time chilled

Water and processed orange juice

Are served.

While Mr T darts restlessly around

In search of the parliament’s host

He finally hands him a flier from

The last exhibition of his Dad’s art.

The speakers finished

The folk famished

The crowd swarms to the buffet

Wines and cold drinks flow.

Our pleasant server speaks Farsi

Arabic and German

Replenishes our drinks with a smile

Reminding me of warrior reliefs

From Persepolis.

What about the exhibited art?

Mr T asks the poet.

‘Let’s join the guide and find out’

The poet replies.

To the poet it’s related to politics

But with some of the abstract


Any interpretation is possible.

Long live the exhibited art in the

Parliament! Someone says

It’s building a bridge between

Politicians and artists.

Will it?

Viva the murmuring crowd seems to





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