Spouse’s Lament

When the day nears its end

And all becomes calm and still

She sings like a bird

Her lament as lullaby

About a lost paradise

Where a choir of tropical birds

Would intonate their daily hymn

At twilight hour:



Unforgettable in its final chords

Of highlights at Umhlanga Rocks.

Now here in the northern hemisphere

The birds have been killed off by

Monsanto’s poisoned grass

Chemtrails’ polluted air

A sad. Sad. Irresponsible world

If you’re lucky

One bluebird sings

But for how long still?

The poet observes with concern

Listens to one dove’s lament

That compliments his spouses’ one

He has become familiar with

But then

There’s still hope to turn

The tide

For saving bees

Discarding plastic

Thanks to the worldwide efforts

Of the young protesters

And all the other conscious people




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