At the ‘Heurigen’ of Fame

The day after a night’s celebration

Is ne’er taken with such ease

At an advanced age.

Yet the best medicine for enjoyment

Of a get-together with honoured guests

Will be to celebrate with a similar drink

You’ve left off the shortened night.

At Beethoven’s favourite ‘Heurigen’

Called ‘Mayer am Pfarrplatz’ in

Heiligenstadt. Vienna.

Time seemed to have moved slowly

At this quaint inner yard between

The two-gabled House

A celebratory refuge for prominent


Attracting the famous and hangers-on

Of the musical world.

Our group of illustrious friends:

Violinist Viv with her dad who is

A well-known pianist in Vienna

And in Japan

Mr T the keeper of his dad’s

Art treasure-inheritance

Shown in Museums worldwide

Prof Reiszes from Uruguay and

Some students of music from

Vienna’s academy

Reflect with anecdotes about

Yesterday’s concert dedicated

To Fritz Kreisler

The man at home with any musical


But famous for his songs

Based on the Viennese tradition.

The poet observes the happy crowd

Wondering about his projected

Future as an artist

Just as Vivienne the violinist does.

Perhaps Mr T –

Life’s artist –

Arranger of exhibitions of his Dad’s

Unique expressionist art

Has some serious issues with his

Ageing process.

But soon we all will be knocking at

The same door.

Keep playing

Drawing and painting

Keep penning!

Carpe Diem.



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