Sweet Dreams

She had a bad night

A one day bug that challenges

Stomach and intestines

At the same time.

Yet she relates her sudden

Illness to a stress of her mind

Torn by discussions about

Survival in a stark materialized

World we live in.

I fetch her minestrone and

Two cans of pepsi-cola

From a nearby pizzeria

But she claims the sauce

Of the minestrone too be

Too intense.

While I fetch my own groceries

At a nearby shopping centre

I order for her a new soup:

If you could do it much milder

With a choice of veggies

She always prefers.

Sure. Elena says.

On my way back I fetch the

Soup and walk the few

Hundred metres home.

By the time I open the

Main entrance door

I notice her sound asleep.

Sweet dreams.



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