A friend

I have not seen for

Some years

Happened to be on the

Same bus I took to town.

Life’s good? I asked.

Well – yes and no. He said.

Interesting: I just finished

A summary of goods and

Bads about living in a hamlet

Close to Vienna. He added.

And you found it balanced out?

I replied.

Well – he rasped. It seems

That I can never complete

The list. So it seems.

Every day I add or subtract

Change or delete some or

Other item

That seems to change on me

Just like the weather. He said.

So? I wondered.

Yes. He continued as if talking

To himself:

When I read the news

I’m influenced. He looked up.

Yes. We all are. I said.

When I’m in a creative phase

All seems to be First Class.

I get you. I agree.

Now then –

Since I’ve moved here for

Affordable accommodation

I see myself moving toward

A state of constant increases

Soon I’m not able to afford

The rent.

I nodded. That’s bad indeed.

We are all in the same boat.

Yeah! He sighed twice.

I have to change buses

Have a god day. I stepped

From bus 401.

As I walked toward bus line 400

I thought about my friend:

Once an adventurer

Pushing forward into the unknown

He became withdrawn



Yet in his eyes remained

A glimmer of hope.




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