Noah’s Wobble-Sobble Machine

He came one day to my door

Showing off his skills on his bike

Power-sliding on the split

Covering the surface of the yard

Between two blocks of flats.

I praised his skills.

He laughed with eyes sparkling.

‘I’ve got something special’

He belted out red-cheeked

And excited.

Suddenly he appeared with

Racing helmet and gear

Boots and all like petite


‘Hey Noah what’s up?’ I asked.

‘Watch!’ he shouted and

Took off in a flash.

‘What’s that?’ I gasped.

‘My Wobble-Sobble…

His words faded as he climbed

Over the roofs of the village.

He looked good with his blue

Machine blending into the

Matching blue skies.

‘Have you seen Noah?’ His Mom


‘He’s cycling the skies…’

I murmured and watched her

Eyes hit by blue flashes.

‘Oh he took the Wobble-Sobble’

She said and left.

I was still staring at Noah’s

Blue dot disappearing.




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