Check Up 2

Get up early.


Bus to H/S and ÖBB train

To KOR. Korneuburg.

Slow walk from the station

To the LKH-KOR. The hospital.


Coffee and ‘Apfelstrudel’.

Just as I finished – my call –

Room 8. Ambulant patients.

Dr S. smiles albeit she’s

Flat out busy.

Next the clamps from my

Knee wound removed.

I count 21.

Mü-Gu a descendant of

A family with a poet does

A sterling job.

Next to the x-ray dept.

Cabin 5.

Two quick snaps and back

Again to room 8

Where Dr S. notates my next

Appointment June fourth.

She is not happy that my

Physiotherapy only starts in

Two weeks’ time.

But then it’s out of our hands.

Yet I assure her I’ll come

To terms with my recovery

Step by step and week by week

Playing the motor rail’s

Movement machine.


Polar winds outside the hospital

Have cooled down the air


I phoned the landlord to keep

A bit of heating going

He’d switched off suddenly

During the night.

As sorry I feel about my spouse’s


I’m not able to do more about it

Than to support her as good as


Within my own physical restraints.

Takes recovery time to become

A fully fledged walker again.

A pub on the way.

I need some hot soup before

I face the polar air again.

Another morning at the LKH-KOR-





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