Rucksack packed

Vitamin pills swallowed

Blood pressure measured

Beret. Shawl. Leather coat


Unlock front door

He says good-bye to his spouse

Who doesn’t respond.

Exit one step up into dusty

Gravel split yard.

Lock entrance door.

Maybe she’s still upset –

The poet muses –

About yesterday’s meeting

In a realty office in Dresdner


But moving up in the world

Of suitable accommodation

Requires a good and steady


Yet excellent design is usually

Appreciated by true artists.

But who will pay for it?

Ask your friends – she said.

The poet had to laugh out

So loud

He pushed his coffee all over

The high glossy catalogue.

His good intention to play

Along with his spouse as long

As he could find a way to

Avoid a noose around his neck.

Yet it all stopped at Café

De’l Opera in Vienna with

A generous meal and the poet

Had to load off tension while

Joking with Luigi the gregarious


After that the poet and his

Spouse took the train towards

The City of Saints

With his spouse exiting at

Vienna Midway

Having to swallow the poet’s

Perspective of reality

She had lost while dreaming

Of a wondrous flat

They cannot afford.

Back at the temporary home

Without a valid contract

Hopefully the major will be

Helpful to sort out

One way or another.

The poet foresees a painful


While arranging an alternative

Affordable rental agreement

With the city of KLNBG.

While his spouse will stay


But then she lives her own





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