Electric Motor Rail

I lie in my rented bed

And seek a comfortable lie

One leg in the electric motor rail

To reactivate my muscles again.

In a supine rest

The ever-repeating stretches

And bends

Will render mobile functions

The monotonous dove-like

Cooing will put me to

Restful slumber.

Perhaps cleaning the ever-dusty

Laminate floor

Made me also tired

My strength not back more than

85% or less.


My term to clean during May.

In an artist’s consciousness

Of interactions to a world that

Constantly changes

Needs to be observed and

Reported on.

My leg.

My cyber-leg inserts will be

The answer to enable me

Walking the landscapes around

Lower Austria

Scale along the Viennese Woods

Building up renewed fitness

And feel a complete person

Physically and mentally

To follow one’s ever-yearning




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