Overtaking my mind on the fast lane

Whirling me up into the air of an


Stirring up my emotional life:

Greedy faces of advertising.

The sorry face of having lost

All of one’s possessions.

A pretty face frozen in a moment’s

Ecstasy – like Mary Magdalene.

A surgeon’s face of concern

For her patient

Like a mother’s for her child.

A mature face of a female Muse

Depicted by a talented artist –

A face in agony equals a face

In ecstasy.

A face of eternal sadness.

The face of eternal mystery

Like Leonardo’s Mona Lisa.

David’s victorious face having

Killed Goliath.

Giacometti’s face reduced into

His fading figures.

Picasso and Dali’s portraits

Facing each other.

Camus’ face doubting his very


And this list will probably go on

For a long time indeed!




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