Trails of Life

Fallen asleep with a half-empty

Mug of water

Something not happened to him

Before means –

After three days of light and

Interrupted sleep –


Well ZG.

Hear ZJG.

Notice you are a human being

In your 79th year of your life.

Your decision has been right

Especially as you have the will

To a fuller life with a passion

For Walking.

Nordic Walking.

Being in motion on one’s own

Two feet.

Waking from a dream of flying

Has creativity cells renewed

For any artist

Especially the one writing these


Having revisited all his Muses

During his life

And his magic has returned

In shorter cycles

To the happy crowd for gratitude

Of having met each other.

For extensive thanks for having

Had the privilege of exchanging

Positive vibes and the sharing

Of love’s sacred intimacies.




Like the pearl-white drop of water

Trailing from hard-awaited rain

Drops stick to the window’s glazing

Like white blood of love’s joyful


To the window of the souls.





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