On my way to KO-HOSP

“What’s the time?”

“It’s 6:30 am!”

“Do you want to have coffee

With me?”

“Well I have to leave 6:45 am.”

She still brewed coffee

But I had to leave.

“I do not wish to be late.

Good bye.”

I left just in good time.

The driver of the bus 401 will

Not stop at any bus-stop

If nobody stands at the sign.

It happened before.

It’s OK today. Sunshine.

Blue skies.

I have to recall our neighbour’s


“It should be sunny at Easter.

Thank God.”

I agreed with her

But thinking of my stay in



I saw my surgeon in January

After the X-mas holidays.

She looked well and rested

And had a good time out


“I’m sorry I can only give you

A date for your op in April.”

“Fine with me. After all I’m not

An emergency.”

She looked at me with concern.

“Recuperation time is longer

Than after the hip operation.”

“OK.”I said.

“Six weeks,” she added.

“I’m OK with that.”

At least I’m in another mode

Of routine and could attend to

Writing and drawing. I thought.

That’s what my preferred activities

Are anyway

Since I have been barred from my

Original profession thru’ politics.

Except for Mrs IRA

Nobody else wanted to use my talents

For architectural work.

Unfortunately Mrs IRA had limited funds

And her so called ‘Schmuckschachterl’ –

Jewelry Box – weekend domicile

Could not be thus realized.


It was a good design

Contemp and minimalistic.

I’m on my way to ‘Heiligenstadt’ –

City of Saints –

On a splendid day like this

My thoughts fly to Athens.

At Handelskai station there’s an extensive

Crowd gathering

Milling to the Classical sounds of a

Mahler symphony?

Interesting and besides calming down

Waiting passengers

Also culturally most important.

The trains come and go punctually

Today and the vistas are sharply defined

In the sunlit landscape around.

At this train the speakers announce

No stops at two stations

Traveling along the stretched out

Viennese suburbs.

It’s a short train ride.

Soon I walk out the KO-station with my

Two crutches fixed together with tape

My black holdall with my poetry

My notebooks

Drawing paper and pencils and felt pens

Some tee shirts for changing

And other stuff.

Towards KO-HOSP.



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