Accident Ward Room 6/2

Listen to the wind

Listen to the wind…

The sounds of a song realized

At the accident ward Room 6

Bed 2

While the poet wakes to the

Fresh draught

The man with the one book

Has caused

His bed-neighbour asleep

In post-operative mode

While the poet gets up

To shut the window close.

This Tuesday April 24 may be

Reduced to number 6. Fine.

Hopefully end game here at



Interesting well-being after

A knee-op

Entailed in a Viennese word.

One week thinking about life

Seven days completed

Just like the symbolic act of

The world’s creation.

Three times the poet had handed

Over his life to his surgeon

He is thankful for trusting.

Has he not built up a spiritual

Relationship with her as well?


Another work of art considered

He will be glad to bring joy

To her in human terms.

This’ll be the joy he’ll project

To his friends and Muses

He’s found and met.

Art speaks a language

Understood without words.




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