Life in Art

The bed of dreams

Carries your body in free flight

Your Muses like butterflies

Are chafing your skin

To heavenly delights.

Seventy-nine years since you have

Woken to your first cry’s delight

Or pains of growing up

Emerging from your mother’s

Protective womb.

Celebrations were tainted by

The start of WWII

The sword of Damocles that

Hung above everybody’s head.

Your father missing in Russia

Mom in black clothes for ten years

Suffering from uncertainty for

His return.

Birthday thoughts:

First loves for Pizzy.

Chain of Muses.

Art & Love.

Joey’s and Athens.

Vienna and Budapest.

Prague and Venice.

A life’s traveling in the labyrinth

You’ve designed for your

Start with a supporting spouse.

Life in Art.



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