Fight for Survival

On a sunny Tuesday mor’n

She spoke to me as if was

Already awake

Listening to her in may half-sleep

As I did not react immediately

And she raised her voice

I suddenly sensed her pain

She must suffer added to her

Tooth extraction the day before

She had brought up her supper

During the night

And again her body reacted most

Violently against a pump-spray

Medication against renewed

High blood pressure

She vomited again.

I called the local doc but he was

Already on leave.

The dental surgeon’s assistant

Proposed the local hospital.

‘I need a calming down injection’

B shouted at the evasive woman

And as soon as I’ve ended a call

For emergency assistance

B repeated the same demand

To the ambulance men:

‘Calm down calm down’ one of

The medic’s said impatiently

‘We are here to help but cannot

Assist with injections

Only doctors can do that!’

They contacted her dental surgeon

Who was instantly prepared to

Assist B with immediate help

Against pain and hammering


Finally we arrived at the dental

Offices and B was attended to.

In the past life’s up and down

There had been numerous

Situation like this one

But then she was younger and

She had more resilience.

With physical resilience fading

Also time had eroded tenacity

To carry on with life.

I thought of her medical doctor

Outstanding in handling her.

She feels so vulnerable

Fear has grabbed her soul.

This is B’s most tenacious fight

For survival.




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