Nobody I know here in Klnbg

Practices magic or sorcery

The only magic I know

Streams from the fingers and

Skillful hands of Lena

Who practices massage.

She’ll knead you like dough

Stroke you gently in between

A master masseuse first class.

My appointment difficult

To be arranged

Cancelled due to a heavy cold

That had befallen me since


And since then I did not feel

To return

Having taken up Nordic Walking

In the nearby Viennese Woods.

Besides I wish to get fit before

I’m due for surgery on the 17th

This month.

Meanwhile my spouse will

Promote my art

Looking for a friendly place

That exhibits independent artists.

B intends to find that out.

She’s tenacious

Yet I’m afraid I have to loosen

Her tight grip on matters

In the end

Although I’m glad and thankful

To have more quality time

For my art development of

Mixed media

That’ll suit my expression of

Mythical Realism

To coin the style before anybody

Else will find another term for it.

I sense that I’m on the best way

To enter my artistic groove.


zoltanzelan        ZJG-POetry’19.

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