Who Knows?

The morn’s frost eats itself

Into the bones of the poet

Sylvester drives his Ford

With steady experience

From Vienna to Ptrcalka

On the western side of the


Finally Leberfinger restaurant

Where 1944/45 SA-men from

Vienna murdered Hungarian

Jews forced to labour to


In cold blood…

Although the war was over

And Russian troops advanced.

Next stop:

Ptrcalka cemetery with an

International commemorative


Ambassadors to address the

Assembled crowd.

The Austrian ambassador

Stated the sad fact that her

Her own compatriots-members

Of the Nazi SA

Had killed exhausted Jewish

Labourers as the meanest thing

To do

As the war was over.

The Israeli ambassador spoke

About Hate and added a

Quotation by Eli Wiesel:

Hate is not the opposite of


But indifference…

That had supported the killing

These human beings and had

Contributed to the catastrophe

Of the Holocaust.

Further addresses followed by

The Hungarian ambassador

And also NGO-heads and

Organizers of this event.

Mr T tired out emotionally

That affected his physical

Standing power.

In spite of it he asked the poet

To help him walk up to the

Monument and lay a stone

For the murdered.

Then off we went.

Mr T with Sylvester and

The Poet to a Chinese restaurant

Called Jasmin.

The food being not prepared

The way Mr T was used to

But his complains were

Ignored and Sylvester was

Even insulted not wishing

To pay. Not so.

At least some compensation

Would have been in order

Especially as the owner had

Accepted a gift of art prints

By Mr T at his last visit.

The team of new staff only

Fanned more aggro.

Let’s go. The poet said and

Handed his share to Sylvester

Who paid the bill.

Mr T mumbled misgivings.

Let’s have coffee the poet

Said and forget about it.

Sylvester drove to the arts

Center close to the university.

At the garden terrace they

All ordered beer.

The exhibition hall where an

Existing exhibition had been


Was a roomy and well-lit space

However the poet wasn’t sure

If it was suitable for what

Mr T had in mind.

Prof Bobes had talked Slovakian

To Mr T and Sylvester

And with some German to the


All will be well?

Who knows? Who knows?

zoltanzelan. ZJG-POetry’19.

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