A Meeting

Imagine you’ll sit in a fairly

Well renovated subterranean


Amongst hundred Slovakians

Listening to the talk of a female

Candidate for the position of

The presidency of their country

But you don’t understand the


How that all might be

The poet likes to be the guide

Fr Mr T – Who –

Whatever excuse he might need

Is keen travelling to Bratislava.

Isn’t it though his home town

So once beloved by his father and

Now again by his son?

Here at an assembly of people

Good looking Zuzana C holds her

Open discussion at the start of

Her campaign to become elected

For the presidency of Slovakia.

The poet doodles into his notebook

Adds some words and studies his

Contemporaries at the discussion.

Zuzana’s emerald green costume

Not only suits her golden hair

But the poet guesses

Is symbolically relevant for what

She tries to get verbally across.

Mr T takes the microphone and adds

His responses with empathy on

Salient points of democracy

As he tells the poet later

When they say a few words to

Suzana C wishing her good luck

Handing her A Frankl reproductions

And their personal calling cards.

All friends are here from many

Get-togethers before: Ferro/

Ivan/ and others.

The poet knows many by face

But not by their names.

‘Here is a familiar face’

A man announces with a broad

Smile. Indeed. The poet greets

Him back with a smile.

That’s how Ferro met him last time

In Bratislava for a video-filming

On Holocaust survivors and also

Witnesses of such horrendous


Ferro tells the poet that he admires

Mr T’s tenacity for widening the

Circle about his father’s quest

Teaching tolerance against racism

Brutal repression and pogroms.




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