Artist’s Runaround

The artist posted his work


A website for art appreciation

A gallery in Paris/ France.

One painting from his exhibition

Was an interesting rendering

Of an integration of faces with

A female body

Mother earth who let the spirit

Of the poet fly.

An interested art lover sent mail

To purchase the painting

Why not thru’ the gallery?

The artist wished to know.

Mr PT was silent while the artist

Searched his files to find that

Piece of art: Integrated Portrait 03

But it was nowhere to be found.


The artist’s spouse asked him

To paint another one like the

Image depicted on his virtual


But she was not satisfied:

It’s too aggressive

More muted colours! She said.

The artist set out the image to

Watercolour paper and created

Another painting

And this time he thought he had

It right.

But his critical spouse disagreed

Again. Fuck that! He murmured

While she added he should apply

A white softening highlight to

Dampen especially the red tones.

The artist tried but gave up soon

As the white pencil did not would

Not cover all the colours

She felt were too strong.

You know he wishes to acquire

A soft-toned drawing

Just as you have online.

His spouse replied to his deep

Murmuring protest.

Meanwhile the artist had found

A website where the potential

Buyer Mr PF had been declared

To be a PayPal cheater.

Well now

The artist mused

I’ll test my painting on my friends.

Showing his recent painting to

Mrs IRA who thought it’s a great

Addition in his typical ZG-style.

Mr T agreed to be good art

As expected from his befriended


Now then

The artist sniggered

Whoever wishes to buy it

Will find it on my virtual gallery.

An artist’s runaround.




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