Soul at Ease

Imagine an early morning

With Mr T. and the poet

Exhausted from yesterday

Evening’s talk of a good looking

Female candidate

For the upcoming presidential


Wishing her good luck.

Mr T. spoke about her strive

For successful fulfilment

Of her ambitious program

The poet applauded her

Handing her his own designed

Calling card

As usual token by creative


After an extensive evening with

Great characters like Ivan.

Ferro. Paul and other friendly


The poet gets on well with

The local Jewish community

Talking Hungarian

Not having yet managed to learn

Basic Slovakian.

Besides dining at Jasmin’s

It’s amazing to listen to the

Chinese owner. Linda. Speaking

Slovakian to Mr T.

While English to the poet.

The renovated Chinese restaurant

Has a gilded aura and cooking

That compliments body and soul.

It’s all music not alone to the poet

As well as Mr T.’s soul will be

At ease.




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