The ‘Med’ in Bratislava

The linen spread across

A converted couch

The poet lies floating on

A raft

On the ship of dreams

He sails across the waking


Absorbing rainbow colours

Reflections of his life

Along the Danube’s flow

In Bratislava.

There now warm hands

Wander up and down his


Chasing the morning chill

From his stirring body

He recalls his Muse

In a final attempt to spend

Her fading powers of love

And enjoy his immediate

Sensual responses

Reawaken past times at

The shores of the ‘Med’.

She talked whale-like

Smoothness in love and

He felt sweet sensations

Diving into her cove below

The blue

The skin-wrapping of a

Soft sanded beach

The pulse of the Med’s


The Med in Bratislava.




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