He’s going on with age

Lost out on some physical


But never his humorous self.

Man – the banter man

Aged 84.

Perhaps his short term memory

Works a bit slower at times

And don’t confuse him with

A barrage of fast delivered facts

You’ll hear: ‘Pomali’ instantly.

Being hard of hearing

He should resort to his aid

He keeps hidden in his trunk

He asks you to carry around

Like photographs of loved ones

And friends

His laptop and some cellular


He’ll make you tired with some

Repetitions like: ‘Can’t hear you’

And laughing with you over

Known jokes loosening his mood

Besides he follows often up

Near hopeless causes

With sheer iron stubbornness.

As a friend he’s fine and mellow

As a man looked after by helpers

Besides by his wandering spouse

He’ll be relentless with instant

Orders and stern demands –

Be careful with your replies

Or he might have your ass.

That means you have to anticipate

Be globally alert and always on

Your toes.

However – Busybody and surviving

Artist –

After a day of towing and throwing

And many instant chores

You’ll need to cool down with

A large local draft

Although that astonishes him

The gregarious Mr T

He’ll invite you with some

Additional banter.




One thought on “MAN

  1. For some years the poet has observed a good friend and with his friend’s aging, he volunteered to assist him in his chores of spreading the word about his father the famous artist.

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