He walks on a seashore

Criss-crossing boulders

Rocks and stone

Standing naked –

A Classic Greek warrior

Facing the island of his

Final destination?

The huge rock face ahead

Out of an emerald sea –

A pointed head with a loose

Dark coat around his wide body

Shedding a giant drop of crystal


Like in a burst of a female egg

That hovers in a state of


In front of the hero’s thighs.

Most god-like creatures

Especially man

Have been sculpted by the

Smack of the sea

Bronze heroes rescued from

The depths of the Med

Venerated by Romans

Carrying on with great art

Once Greek sculpture was

Cursed as idolatry

As Saulus turned Paulus

Saul to Paul.




(Reflections to a painting by

Odysseus Elytis on the cover

Of ‘Eros, Eros, Eros’. Poems).

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