A Funeral

Who’ll rejoice on a day like


The ceremony in full swing

Has drawn a couple of hundred

Mourning people

For this tragic death

Victim of an accident.

Was it?

Especially for the son who has

To bury his beloved father

Loved by all in his community.

There are many questions and

No answers.

A delivery van reversing back

From a dead end street

Closed for traffic.

The unfortunate man walked

At that moment from the

Corner synagogue across the

Back of the van.

The pet would be interested

In the protocol.

Unfortunately there were

No witnesses

Or are they afraid to come


After the funeral service

Workers and participants

Take shovels and bury the

Coffin. It’s dead still.

The only murmuring you hear

Is the cantor’s reciting prayers.

For me – guide to Mr T –

It’s sad to think that he was

A victim of an accident

Or was it negligence on behalf

Of the driver who supposed

To make sure there was nobody

Behind his van when reversing

From a state of parking?




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