Familiar face of pale-red

Karl-Marx-flat buildings

Elongated shadows of man

And trees

Like ghosts from a pre-dorm era

Dreaming on in a bus ride

End station Sievering.

The ‘Gspöttgraben’s’ uphill walk

In midway break’s cops of trees

Posting their wintry structures

Against a pale-blue sky.

The final push for a break

Called ‘Heaven’

With kids playing slides on

Surviving snow and ice.

My soul rejoices with the dusky

Appearance of trees of life in a

Backlit biosphere park set as an


Nature’s graphic art of order

In chaotic density of branches

Blackened like charcoal against

The white-blue skies.

Walking through vistas of scenic

Tree cops lit up through the lantern

Of a wintry sun

Yet turn around completely and

Enjoy the real colour of birches

And oaks.

A snowy icy patch on the way

Towards Hermannskogel

A snow covered ‘Kogelwiese’

People sliding on the last snow

Of winter

Up and up towards ‘Habsburgwarte’

Rest until the waning sun demands

You should return.

Finally, passed the cut back

Vineyards in wintry slumber

You spot a sign: ‘Haseleckersteig’

Where your shadow will be

Passed you in El Greco style.





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