Through some good omen

We succeeded meeting in town

And once we had a rest in the

Speed trains lounge

Watching the coming and going

Of airport travelers

Then departed with B’s wish

To catch some groceries at

Gourmet Spar’s near Opernring./

Then as we advanced to the lift

From the Opera Passage

That takes one up from subway

Level to the street a familiar face

Appeared with shoulder-bag and

A pack of groceries: P the fashion


Great conversationalist./

His bag is heavy, his shopping too

And our invite to the opera café

Seemed to be a good way of

Continuing a conversation that

Had started for the poet last time

At this café and seems to carry on

Between creative minds./

Besides P has taken the role of

Gentle pacifier with humor and

Multiple facets of experiences

In a historically tainted atmosphere

Of being away from life at a dormant

Provincial municipality of a grand

Religious foundation based on

Saint Leopold

B says she cannot stand./

While her spouse changes into

A poet-artist-writer-trifactor state

Morphing about in his creative


She cannot morph.

She turns angry when designer P

Is not around

With whom she had many talks

About fashion./

Some good omen outside our

Involuntarily apportioned bedsitter

Forced upon us by the unsocially

Orientated forces of society –

Warm dry humorous get together

Of associated artistic minds.




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