TREES (01)

Reflecting on the woods nearby

Stronghold of nature’s gift

Life’s energy store to keep us

Nature lovers breathe and

Stay in reasonable shape.

The icy winter snows have set

Then melt away within days

All an upset nature gives

Just to freeze it all up again

In a yo-yo-weather cycle

Unusual for a long time.

The artist has quality time for

Drawing trees in dusky


As a friend had asked for it

Just in black and white

Exactly like the late afternoon


Colours the straight slim birch trees

Into dark scissor-cut abstraction.

Then suddenly the dark and slim

Trees tell their stories

Impersonating some of past

Friends and foes:

Mimis and the Che Guevara-doc

In debating conversation?

Its awe-inspiring in the

Whispering breeze.

The drawing comes on just fine

Like the real vistas in the late

Afternoon’s Vienna Woods


Nica will just like it as she has

Turned into the slim young birch

The artist always had a crush on

But could never have her.

Now the poet looks out for

Some lonesome women

Who seek a partner for sharing

Friendship and love thru’ some

Internet communication.

 Damned. Strange arrangement?

No. But really cumbersome in


Wow. Let the trees take off.




2 thoughts on “TREES (01)

  1. Poet,Painter you are very lucky.I am just an old pensionner nearly 80 years old .
    Reading and writing keep me busy .Wish a nice evening

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