The poet watches facebook reports

Palestinian stone throwers and catapultists

Capture the media’s full attention.

‘Behind these atrocities there lies a sea

Of hate and utter lies’

The poet’s feelings are verified.

He reads a few lines of the Italian poet

Torquato Tasso about the Art of Poetry

In German:

Kontrastierung, Parallelisierung, Spiegeleffekte,

Das Verhalten der Protagonisten…

Indeed, have these techniques in writing poetry

Not been always important in the literary

Tradition since the early Renaissance?

In between hate talk and maneuvers of


Some mentally vile individuals thrive

Like wolves in sheep clothes

Installed as future candidates to lead.

Yet intellectuals and all brainy alert people

Will see thru the sheep’s behaviour

But not all intellectuals are clearly thinking

For their respective countries

But for their own set careers.

Meanwhile lots of paid, so-called, Palestinians

Cause havoc, injuries to others, and let hate

Raise their knives against human beings.


Write down your inner beliefs, poet,

Even if you are not politically correct

But as a genuine human being

You are!



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