A bomb could explode

But a quick-witted agent in

Traditional nomadic garb

Escapes the fiefdom in a desert

That is imminent

To be eliminated with rockets

Launched by fighter helicopters

In a surprise attack.

Sheiks are at the coal-face of war

Smart bankers chase huge profits

From senseless desert wars

In pursuit of their greed for power

While a Barbarella-type agent

Chases codes from a few sources

Who could activate nuke-devices

Across European countries? –

Paris/ Florence/ London.

Sleepless life of Chameleon-woman

Mata Hari Wonder Woman

In a maddening chase continues

To Bergen in Norway

Where monsters dwell incognito

And where Super-woman shines.

In her world of constant threats

Fast planes take her to Kuala Lumpur

Air Asia’s special flight

Between the high Twin Towers

She’ll find the chief of all the terrorists

Who aims to become the world’s

Greatest monster.                                 

New York/ Tokyo/ London/ Moscow

Will be exterminated totally

Ice cold

Without the blink of an eye and

The nukes are already primed

But this Russian superwoman

Trained killing machine  

Loosens the knife that she has been

Attacked with from her shoulder

And sticks it into the electronic heart

Of the control panel

With one quick and powerful stab

After she had the monster killed

Who thought he had stabbed her


The world takes another breather.

Super-woman lives.




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