From a tit for tat-tension

Of verbal arguments

The cold air outside

This wintry morn’

Isn’t conducive to ease

One into the day’s

Commemorative do

For: The World Remembrance

Day for the Holocaust Victims

Especially for the children

Through the project: Butterfly

At the Uno City Vienna.

Yet never rely on the

Bad communication of

Some people

Who dislike to be

Pro-active. Indeed.

A cab driver to Uno-City

Is not conducive to soothe


Built up on endless messages

From friendship pages


But I’m glad that changes

Are underway      

To break pure anti-UN


With changes within the

Stolidly structures.

Glad to hear Ullmann’s

New compositions played

By guitar and sung by a

Woman with such an inner  

Vibration in her voice

Just like prayer

Carrying albeit its lament

Also a ray of hope for all.

I hand my calling card to

The artists and art-related

People like two interesting

Young and cordial women:

Erminia and Armenia

In the restaurant-bar

Where I’m drawn to Erminia

And she responds like a

Full-bloodied Italian woman

Who – interesting! – is also

Relating to art in portraits


She makes me blush admiring

My brown specks on the iris of

My green eyes

While I look deeper into her

Dusky hazel eyes. Instantly

I feel a rising heat for her

As nobody did this to me

Since my time with Ana at the

Start of the New Millennium.

I’m smitten with Erminia

It’s obvious

Who traditionally has been

Named after her grandma.

She said. Great.

Please keep this great

Tradition going I said and

Her smile denuded me right


As we talked art exhibitions

And about Napoli

She’ll show me one day!

I’m glad I came to UNO City


Thanks Mr T.




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