After the remembrance ceremony

At UNO City in Vienna

Mr T wishes to have a bite at his

Haunt called Kopp

Viennese fare as he prefers

Yet the cold air interferes with

Walking there.

From Vorgartenstrasse station

We make it to a pub called


Saviour of a weak bladder

Besides a cup of hot semolina

Dumpling soup

Makes him ready to reach his

Famous pub in Engerthstraße

But still five bus stops further.

Mr T is amazed how different

It is to use the Öffis

Appreciating to have been

Ferried there in the past.


The bus ride is not that bad

For me

The poet

A familiar thing.

Not bad the Kopp

The bus driver states

The beer is there good as well.

As it’s the turn for the poet to

Order and invite Mr T

Who orders a small goulash

The poet prefers roasted

Minced meat with mashed

Potatoes. Ok. Not bad

But he is used to simple meals

To stay alive.

For Mr T the small goulash

Has to have tender meat

Which is not always to his taste.

Of course

With his slow eating habit

He needs his gravy heated up



At least we shared a bottle

Of alcohol free beer

And Mr Walter cracked a few

Jokes in Viennese

The usual waiter style.

Warmed up again

Mr T orders a portion of

Wine-chaudeu desert.

Has not much wine

He states.




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