Portrait Ira (1)

Love once fresh and new

Exciting and exhilarating

As a couple in blue

Has drifted onto a cloud

Impossible to catch-up

With lost times.

The scene of love’s paradigm

Had shifted its gender embraces

And into these undulant land

With its random storms

The scenery turned bleak

Richly decorated as a garden

High up in midst of armoured

Roofscapes of Vienna First.

The Poet has been invited

To visit and shed his mental


Doff his intellect and give

Himself up

To a song of seduction.

The skies a lacquered blue

Where all clouds slipped off

Burnt relentlessly with rays

Of blue and red

Onto the future canvas of the

Artist’s mind.

Past and present passions

Immersed into his heart

Painting colours of gold

Amber and delicate greens

Across the face of his host

Who emerges steadily

As his newfound Muse.

The painting’s prediction

Will read like a prophecy.

An overture.

A message.

And to a greater extent

A desire to create

Great pieces that will hone

His unusual style

In visual art.




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