The sunny winter morn‘

Diamond glitter on snow fields

Tracks of feet and animals

Along rows and rows of black

Vines with supporting arms

Of poles and tension wires

For the local viniculture.

Shadows lie like sharp drawn

Lines on the land’s white paper

Endlessness of flatland ends

On a band of blue mountains

Mirrored on sharp polished

Lenses by Zeiss within one’s

Own eyes.

You slip on a piece of ice glaze

Across the end of a path –

The body hits the steely asphalt

Your thoughts shatter into


Something concusses you

Air forced out of your lungs

You recall the thermos bottle

That hit’s your torso’s supine

And stretched out lie.

You gasp. Gasp. Gasp and turn

Sideways regroup your senses

A stone fallen from the skies.

Since then you feel tired

Your head hurts

But you’ll recover

Breathing deeply.




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