My eyes fixed now and then

At the entrance of the grand

Old Viennese Café.

How would this first meeting

Be for us?

Perhaps not the pounding of


But nethertheless an inner

Excitement started to build

Rising up in my body.

What about her?

I missed seeing her entering

As she walked thru’ the café.

Suddenly a woman stood in

Front of my table: Jolly?

I got up. Mischi?

Her dusky eyes and her lips

Widening to a smile

Have not changed.

We kissed like friends.

‘Let me look at you!’ I said

Memories flashed thru’

My mind. Our times together

She called: Wakening hearts.

We drank tea. We talked.

My heart warming in the glow

Of her eyes that dusky hazel

Sparkle she painted her life’s


On the canvas of my mind.

A most inspiring piece of art.

Here she sat: my first love



Comrade in arms

Woman of letters

52 years later.

Our hearts had parted seeking

Personal freedom

Two migrant birds breaking out

Returning for a reunion of minds.

We talked back and forth and

The tips of our souls touched

Embraced and warmed up our


Feelings once buried

Started stirring again

Like a tamarind seed

Planted by fate

Holding an offer for love?

For the poet’s antennae

Sensed the good vibrations

Asking to carry on with

Continued celebrations.

Perhaps it will be brought

To fruition with the new fresh

Colours of an early summer.

Her parting lips murmured.

This – the most wonderful gift

For the fledgling New Year.




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