Cafe de l’Opera Vienne

She talked often about

Her times at the famous cafe

Invited me on the last day

Of the year.

I was looking forward to

A cup of Chun Mee green tea

Served here in a place of


As a cherry on top in a place

Continuing tradition.

Then I noticed the sharp

Business practice

Not the green tea I had sampled

At the Anker Café before.

One day I’ll find it

I said to B

But thanked her for inviting me.


Suddenly she got up and rushed

Towards a man who just sat down

I followed her and she introduced

Me to Pierre:

Fashion designer.



From the first handshake we got on

Like a house on fire.


It’s great that we had met on

New Year’s Eve

Sending off some of our memories

With great bursts of fire.

Only one of the waiter’s played up

And I disliked his attitude

Behaving badly.

But never mind

I said to B finally

It does not count

We had a hell of an inspired

Conversation all afternoon


Old Year – New Year.

It’s great to have met one of

The genuine people:






Publishing artist.

A human extension to my own

Artistic endeavours

Or so I felt.

This talk to be continued

He said.

I agree Monsieur I said

Full heartedly.






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