A Birthday Party

Hotel Imperial – host to the famous

And infamous.

However today at the

Birthday of a friend’s spouse

You’ll ask: Will she continue to be

A friend and extend her sponsorship

To the arts?


Before musing about that

Let’s see what the immediate future

Holds for the poet and friends:

Continued assistance for an elderly friend

That is highly appreciated.

The poets saving of random funds

Will perhaps finance a trip to one of the

Great inspirational places or isles?


The sandwiches and petite fours are

Superb and the atmosphere quite

Festive in the traditional Café Imperial.

The way to make friends quickly

The poet has learned from his

Gregarious friend Mr T

Who at times arranges his own tripping

Over some of his repetitive jokes

That are though dear to him.

Yet all in all he’s a Viennese original

And an artist mastering life.


And our host the birthday child

Will count from now on her years

With an eight upfront. She states

This milestone goal in her life.

But never mind she’s looking slim

Actively interested in all good things

Life has to offer: ‘It’s important

To be happy. Life’s good.

Are we all happy?’

It’s relative to every person…


The party is going just fine

Mr T commenting as usual.

The gentle piano music often

A background for relief one may

Revert to when conversations come

To an awkward halt

Yet soon to be revived again

By our host and hostess.


Discussions will be carried on

Over a glass of champagne in the

Host’s stately suite

With varied views over current


Urging the birthday child to reply:




The Goran’s have an answer to

The current ailing of the world:


The Poet agrees.

Mr T. has problems to understand

The contemp world’s complexity.

Eva talks about human envy and

Greed that sparked off the process

Toward the Holocaust.

Cathy talks about the tragedy of

Interreligious hate.

PPW lectures about education

And personal courage to honour

Victims of senseless bloody terror.


The poet has to recall the murder

Of his granddad by Nazi supporters

As does Mrs B about her own Gran.

PPW’s stumbling stone in his native

Village for victims of terror

Has inspired everybody besides many

Who sponsored fruit trees for

Nazi victims in Israel.

Long life to our host Mrs Ira

Thanks for her invitation and efforts

Arranging this party and to moderate

Varied views about our turbulent times.

Long live our cherished friends.

A superb afternoon indeed

Always to be remembered.




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