I wish to wander

Not on the beaten track

Enjoy the natural lands

Just like sending off a song

From my heart.

You cannot find a woman


To sharing feelings with you.

They think either of you

That you’ll demand sex

Or the potential co-walker

Could try?


Why not?

Why are women looking for

Company in the first place?

Wishing to detect a late love

Or perhaps still believe to find

Just a good friend?

Indeed it’s most difficult to

Find a good friend

To share common interests with.


My spouse of 50 years has been

Fortunate to find a friend

I’m happy for her.

With me it has been for years

A constant effort for a recovery

Of funds

Lost in the first instance.

I must have been hurt badly

By fate

To admit that.

I wish to wander

Not on a beaten track in the

Arts. For now.





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