A Man of 84

He’s a man of 84 and still

Holding onto life

Albeit he searches constantly

For his reading glasses

Some bank notes he mislead

But otherwise he recalls

Endless anecdotes from his

Younger years:

His time spent in New York.

He’s awkward to work for

As his assistant’s facial expression


Whenever she’s sent in circles

Like his mind works

But now and then he finds

Moments of better composure.

His friends know him for his

Jokes about life and girls.

But his days of cracking a chain

Of jokes are gone now

Yet one or two funny ones

He’ll tell you over and over.

It’s great to spend some time

With him in Hotel Imperial

And have decent coffee served.

The Poet knows that as he takes

No sugar to his espresso macchiato

While Mr T takes sweetener and

Time to float in some stories

Of his past

Especially remembering his

Parents stay here in 1934.

Perhaps their foreplay for

I happened to be created probably

On their way to Venice

Mr T muses about the honeymoon

Of his parents.





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