It’s peaceful in Weidling’s

Kitchen nest

As long as B is away in town

Even washing bedspreads is fun

In between the drawing of a tree

For a friend called Nica.

Black ballpoint pen.

Nothing else.

A present for her Orthodox X-mas

Wishing Ana was still here

Living together on AZZA-Isle

Naturally without artificial iron bars

And other hindrances.

It’s peaceful in my domain

Where I draw what I imagine

A tree like a figure –

A woman like a drum.

The faint portrait of a sweetheart

The hug of secret wishes

You have a sense of your Muse

Stirring your blood.

It’s still peaceful and a creative flow

Dances endlessly

Like the breezing wail

Along the snow-filled landscape

Your mind unified with an

Equal-minded love

Your body clean and glowing

Ready for instant sharing.





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