Tasks for today

Wed 2018.12.05:

Have notes from before

To read out to Mr T.

Go to store room R.

Search there for his bag

He left behind perhaps.

Could you get the door

To the store unlocked?

Search the packed carton

For VHR-cassettes.

Try all keys on the keyring

If one will fit the toilettes!

After a stressful morning

Of trying to unlock the door


It was difficult to do it again

With an open door

To check why the door lock


Mr T got annoyed and swore

‘Damned this mess

Let’s go and have some lunch!’

At Ellas he started relaxing

Albeit he was disappointed

That they had no tender ribs

From a lamb

And he had to share grilled


Which I felt was really tasty.

Just then Mrs B phoned to

Invite me for a cup of my

Fav’ tea: Chu Mee.


I can taste the sweet-bitter tea

I used to drink regularly

When available at Anker Café.

How does she expect me to

Jump and run 15 minutes to

Join her at the Opera Café?

Mr T needs me to assist with

Some sorting work still.

‘Maybe another time?’ I asked

Mrs B.

‘There’s no other time with me’

She snapped.

Jealousy will get her nowhere.

Bad luck for me then

Or is it just a good thing not to

Meet and end up in anther strife.

Our relationship had been tainted

With the advent of B’s nervous

Problems and her physical worsening.

Chun Mee.eeM nuhC





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