Nature determines all things

We may achieve rational


God is nature and nature is


Called: Pantheism.

Within the universe absolutely

Everything exists.

Everything’s possible.

Called: Naturalism.

She asked me for the name of

This philosopher

But it beat me at this point

Or was it the exuberant presence

Of her breasts?

Philosophy between vineyards

And tight lanes to pass through.

Somewhere in the ‘Weinviertel’

She showed me around at the

Border of two countries.

This is the historic city of Retz.

A square that shows the history

Of buildings since the late 1800’s.

Moments of remembrance:

Art. Architecture. Painting. Ana.

An inspiring place for an artist

Searching for a renewal of his

Artistic sparking

Extinguished in the cold wet

Atmosphere of an Austrian


Yet. Rereading philosophy that’s

Over 400 years old

It still sparkles its great wisdom.

Matured wine.

Cellars like catacombs.





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