Portraits that haunt me

Now that you’ve done the trip

To KOR/KNBG/Korneuburg again

Facing cold winds of December

There’s a busy Outpatient’s DPT.

Especially this year’s end of 2018

And until April next year 2019.

Well. The easier days are gone

When terms for OP’s could be

Made on an ad-hoc basis

Perhaps my surgeon had then

More power to fix dates ahead

Of the mass-migration of patients

As well.

However. It’s great to have the

Chance to be fixed up for another

Twenty years perhaps.

Thanks to the stable medical

Social medical care.

With age creeping up on us

It’s still OK

As one is general terms healthy.

Of course I have not thought

About old age and the consequences

One has to face

Especially operations.

For years on I have stood at the side

Of my spouse’s operations

And for her it was touch and go.

Now from the years we’ve spent

In homeland Austria

It became my term to hand over

My body to a lady-surgeon

Who also has conquered my heart.

My heartfelt thanks to her –

Portraits I have never done before

Portraits of her especially.





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