Thanks god for lucky


A small present for a visit

To see Bori

I call BB-Big Bosomy

In the pretty ‘Weinviertel’

The air laden with the scent

Of spicy wines

In one of the richest provinces

Of the Austrian Republic.

She fetched me at the train

Station in historic Retz.

‘Have to shop some groceries’

She mentioned and stopped

At Supermarket ‘Hofer’.

‘I’ll pay for the wine’, I said.

She insisted on a red wine

From Argentine.

We talked in her car and

Arriving at her home

She showed me around.

A larger front house still to be

Fixed up

A backyard home

Small and compact

Ideal for another couple

I thought.

‘You could stay here during


Paint and write

She said

As if she’d read my mind

Her hardened tits showed

Through her tight woolen top

Hugging her full breasts.

Thank you I replied

Gazing at her breast as she

Lifted one arm and held it

Behind her head.

In the backlight she appeared


I felt stirred immediately as

I imagined moving between

The cushions of her generous breasts.

I’ll come

I mumbled.

She smiled having stirred me.

Through the flatlands the train moved

My body acted together with it

As if plowing the fields

Plow-shards fly off like thoughts

Tumbling from my mind.

It’s B’s names day and I haven’t

Got a present for her.

It’s not a good idea to have a potential

Girlfriend, called B as well

This could become too heavy on your

Wallet one day. Mhh.

During the train ride back to Vienna

I invited my spouse B for coffee

She accepted to meet me at


When I arrived she ate a small dish

I thanked her for offering me half

Of her portion of humus and olives

But I had eaten enough already.

I asked for green tea

But the lass brought me scented

Green tea

That would be the same as asking

For a glass of beer and you would

Get craft beer.

Quite different.

Won’t come here for green tea again.

Finally a day filled with contrasting

Women ended with arguments and

In domestic strife.

Cause: The unpleasant smell of my

Cooking pasta and tomato sauce.


However opened the window for

Piercing cold air.

Busy day.yad ysuB






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