I gave Ina my poem ‚Her Soul‘
To read
Dedicated to the Lionhair-lady
Skilled with intellect and scalpel
Then O waited for Ina’s reply.
“Have you given her your poem
To read?”
“No, not yet.”
“It’s great and well written.”
She said.
“Thank you. Now I’m confident
That she’ll like it too.” I replied
And observed my first date in
More than three years.
A potential woman for love?
Maybe not entirely to my taste
But sympathetic.
I still have to figure out the Lionhair-
Lady’s portrait as it’s constantly
On my mind.
Or should I rather say portraits
As her personality has some great
Facets like a diamond.
It’ll be a master portrait
Something with more depth than
The first lighthearted symbolistic
That was using her preferred
You could say that this one would
Bear maturity
Like love.
Aged wine is doubly sweet and
Fully rounded.
Precious. Taste.


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