Built up tensions in the
Waves of scribbled notes by the
Poet’s spouse will hit his desk
In the kitchen corner.
Time to leave for a Nordic Walk
And let steam off the ageing
Besides to maintain an oiled
Fitness. Indeed!

The mind flies off in rhythmic
Movements of virtual wings:
New Muses thro’ “friendseek”
Communicative website
Let vibes of sympathy find their
Common interest
Thrive with compatible partners
Who still seek the magic of
A sensual life at mature age:

The poet phones her at an hour
When he recalls his great love
And extraordinary Muse and
Talented poetess.
The poet rests and listens to
Boris’s pleasant voice.
She has touched a string in his
Heart suddenly.
He responds.
Voices match.

She asks for the Poet’s age.
Well he tells her 78 and active
She’ll be in for a surprise
When she’ll meet him for
Would she be a choice woman
For him?


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