Remembering the Pogrom Night 8Nov.1938.

An evening at the Place du Juif
In the heart of Vienna
A final ceremony of paying respect
For the ‘Kristallnacht’ victims
Speakers in real and on screen
By the mayor and survivors of the
Death camps
Protests and booing when the
President of the parliament paid
Tribute to the victims –
The youth disliked his talk
But were reprimanded by the
Speaker to pay respect to every
Public speaker.

Meeting Emmanuel Fuchs and
Exchange some words with Tommy
And the Poet
Thereafter the Poet brought Mr T
Home to his apartment.
The Poet emotionally tattered
Went to bed early
Sleep came immediately with
Thoughts about his Muses –

Morning’s sweetness.
Green tea with matcha
Thanks to Gila.
Some spontaneous inspiration
Of a photographic record in the
As an ongoing process of arriving
At a breakthrough for a new way
Of portray painting
The Poet using himself as a model
In upside down mirror reflections.
Great stuff!
Shower and wash hair.
Dress and off to pick up Mr Tee
For an event at the ‘Redoutensaal’
At Josefsplatz in historic Vienna.
As usual Mr T is late
But as he is known to the organizing
Mrs O
He’s promptly offered a chair
And another young woman brings
A chair for the Poet.
Well-presented speeches
The president honoured the
Chancellor to be an active host.
He’s a diplomat with acquired skills
As foreign minister.

The day has started well for Mr T.
He meets top politicians and
Organizing heads
Holocaust survivors from Israel
Once Austrian citizens kicked out
From their homes
Their dignities trampled on
Properties and homes taken by
Brute force.

Mr T is an unerring communicator
A great talent at public relations
Even walking along the ‘Kohlmarkt’
Prime promenade of the inner city
Fine and sympathetic women at
Demel’s bar counter.
Then further in the street toward
The Graben:
Art lovers
Curators and artists.
‘It’s rather a field day’ he says.
‘Have a look at the output!
So many women to get to know
And most of them so sweet`.
‘Indeed’ I said. ‘What a day!’
Mr T muses. ‘Yes in such a contrast
To the Pogrom memorial day’.
‘Yes’. I reply. ‘It’s a good thing.
It came unannounced and seeping
Into our bloodstreams like sweet
‘Yes the fragilite-cake at Demel’.
‘No we had almond cake’
But I’ll take one home to my wife’.
`Good idea’ I replied. ‘Mrs Ira
Will like that for sure’.

The Poet travels home with the
Use of Öffis.
The Poet writes at home in his
Niche arranged for his creative
His spouse takes to monologues
In the bedsitter.
All’s as usual.
Duke plays:
‘Blues in Orbit’.


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