Out of a domestic fight
One-sided with an angry spouse
The Poet spent the night in an
Already familiar bed – Red Tower –
The Poet’s recluse in times of
Emotional turmoil
Caused by estrangement
Meant also a good night’s sleep
Sensitized by a crafty woman’s
Who –
Enticed by her girlfriend –
Throws her mature sexuality
Like a ventriloquist
Into the artist’s gaping mouth
To open his soul wide enough
For her soul to merge with his.
Letting him enjoy his half-flight’s
Take off
Rip himself off with her from
The shackles of gravity’s handle
Wow – his inner Muse was sighing
Who had taught him about
Euphoric heights in the mind
She used to follow up with her
Physical love making of a
Well-rounded woman.
She called her games emotional
Intelligence for a deeper unison
At their golden age of love poetry
Born from their union of heart
Soul and body.
The Poet’s time will be soon revived
When he’ll paint the gilded woman’s
Portrait in the nude.


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