INA & The Pogrom Memorial

After yesterday’s relaxing talk

To Ina –

A date from a ‘friendseek’-page-

Over coffee and cake

The Poet had a good night’s rest

Even some angered talk by his

Spouse could not hurt him


Exchanges of life’s experiences

Are part of the re-entry shield

Into the endless stratosphere

Of a marriage long in the teeth.


This morning all’s cool and calm

On the poet’s side

Who is learning words and their

Meanings at a free site.

His spouse is trigger-happy with

A barrage of word-explosions.


The poet keeps cool.

He agrees with his spouse

To stay overnight at his friend’s

Place in town

When he returns from the

Gathering of honoring the victims

Of the Nazi-pogrom day –

Aka ‘Kristallnacht’ –

There he assisted his aged friend

To participate.








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