The air is fresh as if it would

Emerge from an ice enclosed


I try to think of palm trees

Warm sandy beaches.

Instead ‘The King of Ice’

Comes to my mind

The story of Zorko and Zina –

My Poetic Lore:

Love surpasses many traps

Survives thru’ extraordinary


The evil’s mind had invented.


Sipping Chun Mee tea

The gentle waking at morning’s


Waiting for the lady in white

Where’s Mrs Ira?

For being on time for the last

Seven days

She had a sudden setback


High time for a lasting relaxation.


The tobacco man cleans his

Shop windows

With clockwork regularity

At the start of a new week.


Where’s Mrs Ira?

This Monday has a slow start

An unusual morning with

Different vibes

Even the green tea tastes


But we’ll catch up later

When we have dealt with

Mr T’s errand and are back

At Wipp.


Plenty of customers file into

The Anker Cafe for popular

Take away coffees and some



After a spot of lunch the Poet

Helps Mr T with sorting of

Various mementos to pack

Into the correct cartons.

Perhaps we have been a bit

Split-up this morning

But albeit we did some work

To fill cartons for the movers.


Mrs Ira thanked Viki and me.

Mr T thanked me also for

Checking on his tools

That were not placed properly

Into the cabinet at the terrace.






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