Life Goes On

The Poet finds recluse at his table

In the kitchenette

Separated by a door

That receives all kicks and

Slams of anger by his spouse.


Usually she spends her time

Watching TV-programs

On a smart TV-flat box

The poet’s friend has left him

When moving apartments.


At first the Poet’s spouse refused

To switch the smart set on –

It’s only a tool by her spouse

She thought

To keep her locked into the

Country-style domicile

That felt to her imprisoned.



He thought

In time she’ll adapt to a life

They both didn’t want.

Reality is a two way sword

Cutting up individuality.

But here at their common fate’s

Double glazed door

It had to stop cutting up the gravel

In the adjoining yard.


Thanks god their spirit are still

Still soaring

And their souls are still intact.

Creativity breathes life into poet

And fashion designer

Painter and talented draftsperson.

Life goes on.


The world is not yet completely


The Poet’s spouse shouts out

Her pain

Curses him not looking after her

The way a husband should.


He feels differently.


Life goes on.




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